10:00 - 14:00
Same day and time as the regular weekly market.

10:00 - 14:00
El mismo día y hora que el mercado semanal regular.
PREPARAR * Miércoles 15:00

The goal here is to get the art to the people - the real people - the people who appreciate with their hearts, minds and emotions and are proud to support local artists!

El objetivo aquí es conseguir que el arte a la gente - la gente real - las personas que aprecian con sus corazones, mentes y emociones y están orgullosos de apoyar a los artistas locales!


On Thursday, March 16th, art lovers will be able to come together in a public space to appreciate, celebrate and support local art and artists.

The Art Market project is an exceptional gathering of 12 wonderful and talented artists, some you may know already and some you will want to know!

The whole goal of an art market is to bring together a variety of artists into a space so they can talk and sell to their admirers.

The Art Market is being hosted by Karla Darocas, a Fine Arts Educator with help from Robert Richardson from Javea Art Hub Facebook Group and the friendly folks at the Church Centre of Javea.

Times are 10:00 - 14:00 and the Church Center is on the north east side of the Plaza de la Constitución, where the regular Thursday market takes place. Parking is just under this market and signs to the Art Market will be all around this area to make your journey easy.

The Art Market will inspire you and connect with your creative spirit and hopefully you will fall in love with a piece of creativity and take it home.