Georgie Poulariani, originally from Georgia (ex Soviet Union) has lived in Spain for 10 years. Originally, a businessman, sitting behind a computer he came across his talent in a very unusual way.

REPORT BY Paula Boulos

Whilst in the garden Georgie saw the results of expanding foam - the form and different shapes it had created sparked curiosity.  This led to his intrigue of materials and the prospect of creating objects with the use of his hands.

With his newfound creativity and fascination in different materials, Georgie immediately began experimenting. He started working with clay, fiberglass and eventually metal, with every piece hand made and welded. As a result, he has produced extremely beautiful and intricate sculptures.

"I started to create with my hands 2-3 years ago. I have tried different materials including clay figures, fiberglass and metals. I find metal the most challenging especially steel," Georgie explains.

When questioned on the subject matter and if there are influences such as political, social or economical factors, contributing to his artwork Georgie responds, "an idea comes into my head and I make it. There is no connection or factors. I think about it, make it and I constantly try different things,"

Since becoming a sculptor, Georgie has found himself consumed by art "everything I see is art’ he says, "everything has to do with art, we are surrounded by it here in Benissa, Calpe, Javea…"

As a recent sculptor, Georgie is constantly stepping out of his comfort zone with different materials and evolving as an artist,  "I don’t know if I have found myself yet so I may change my style."

Georgie has a beautiful gallery and studio in Benissa and exciting projects on the horizon. His aim is to focus solely on his art and to share it with as many people and in as many places as possible.

He is also very excited to be part of the Art Market Project on Thursday, March 16th at the Church Centre in Javea. Come to the Art Market and meet this savvy sculptor!