Thank you to all who worked with me to make this first ever Art Market a joyous and successful event. It had always been a dream of mine to have a room full of artistic talents in one space celebrating their creativity and sharing their passion for art. Well, that dream came true on the 16th of March, 2017 at the Church Centre in the old town of Javea. We were 12 dedicated artists exhibiting, promoting and selling our artworks.

Thank you to Lizzie Clayton for her hostessing services and chatting up the guests. According to her feedback from the approximately 150 folks and friends who came out to support our efforts, the comments were very positive and encouraging stating that they were impressed with the quality of the works. Many guests expressed a delight in seeing yet another art show in the near future, as they will bring friends. It is a proud moment when you find true art lovers who care about our creative culture verses the plastic machine manufactured garbage.

Like Picasso said,"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.". You could see the joy in the faces of the guests who purchased their pieces of artworks and met the artist who created it.
Many excited guests signed up for commissioned works by many of the artists in attendance. There were folks who just bought a brand new villa and decided to fill their walls with our local artworks. There were other artists who were very pleased to meet us as an artists community!!

Thank you to musician Roger Saunders who is a fab friend for coming over and entertaining us with his sweet sounds on guitar, harmonica and vocals. Roger is part of my other creative cultural group called CrossRoads, which is another fun experience during a Saturday coffee morning that has been rolling for over 3 years now over in the Salon of Bar Mediterraneo in Teulada!!

The facilitators of the Church Centre were very pleased that we were using their location to celebrate human activity and expression. They have asked us back again!
Robert Richardson did a great job on the street signage and I met people who came to our Art Market because the placards caught their attention. Robert hosts a FaceBook social group called the Javea Art Hub and I encourage his efforts to keep up this coffee morning in order that we all can network with more artistic creators.

And of course, Thank YOU to all the artists who contributed and participated in this first Art Market Sarah Beattie, Georgie Poulariani, Angela Rich, Victoria Sand , Alice Davies , Susan Hankey, Gwen Roberts , Frances Jones, Tony Franklin, Robert Richardson and Val Blakeman.


Artfully Yours,
Karla Darocas