Angela Rich is a Javea-based grandmother who retired from North Wales 16 years ago. Since that time she has come into her creative talents in the most unusual and surreal way.

 According to Angela, "One morning, about 6 years ago, I began to write my shopping list when my hand began shaking uncontrollably. I thought I was having a stroke or a fit," she announces.

"When it stopped, I had written strange words down the paper. Within a couple of weeks I was doing drawings," explains Angela. Shocked and surprised by her unconscious talents, she searched the internet to see if anyone else had experienced a similar event in their lives.

She found an artist Andre Masson (1924), who according to Wikipedia became associated with surrealism, and was one of the most enthusiastic employers of automatic drawing, making a number of automatic works in pen and ink. Masson experimented with altered states of consciousness with artists such as Antonin Artaud, Michel Leiris, Joan Miró, Georges Bataille, Jean Dubuffet, and Georges Malkine, who were neighbors of his studio in Paris.

Realising that her artworks were indeed a form of art that were recognised by many artists throughout history, she continued to explore her new found gift.

"Everyone who sees my drawings says they are amazing," admits Angela. "I am not in any type of trance but my hand moves automatically."

You will meet Angela Rich at the ART MARKET event on Thursday, March 16th at the Javea Church Centre only a few meters away from the regular Thursday market in Javea.

"I can demonstrate it any time," continues Angela. "I have no idea where it came from. but at 60 years of age it's not something you expect but it is a real gift. I love it!"