Hey Toledo Trippers,

Trudi and I will leave Cumbre del Sol at 7:45am
1st pickup... 7:55 Mas y Mas in Benitachell, under Cumbre on the Javea road.

Then, we will pick up trippers at El Paso, at the FerroBox round about with the big metal sailboat.

Then, last stop will be the Mas y Mas on the #332... hopefully about 8:15.,

The goal is to be on the A7 by 8:45... 

LUGGUGE - don't go crazy. The only space we have is in the back and under the seats... so think RyanAir size :) hahaha

MONEY - best to have a money belt as there will be a ton of tourists. Toledo is like Disneyland, lots of folks!!
I use a money belt for money and ID and I carry a small napsack for my jacket when inside over=heated buildings with no coat check!

You will need money for your Monuments Wristband 9 euros
We will get our Monuments Wristband at the Mezquita Cristo
Other places there will be a small fee and others are free.

PLAN OF ATTACK!! The Hostel is marked on map
Toledo with big circles... breaking up the space in zones
1 top , 2 left, 3 bottom
Monuments and their hours....below

1. Mezquita Cristo de las Luz
1. Puerta de Bisafra 
1. Hospital Taveras
1. Roman ruins

2. Iglesia del Salvador
2. Museo del Greco 
2. Santo Tomé 
2. Synagogue DEL Tránsito 
2. Synagogue Santa Maria 
2. Monasterio de San Juan 
2. Doncellas 

3. Cathedral 
3. Jesuitas
3. Museo de Santa Cruz 
3. Alcázar. Ejército. Army Museum. 

KARLA MOBILE # 648 156 066