Spain's Roguish Baroque Hero - Captain Diego Alatriste - comes to life as he fights his way through the royal wars and courts of Philip IV, King of Spain. "He is like the Forest Gump of Spain's turbulent, excessive and broke 1600's as he meets and interacts with all of the important historical characters," comments Karla.

This was an expensive film to make (€24 million (estimated). It is loosely based on a series of novels written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte called The Adventures of Captain Alatriste.

For art students, it can be seen as a tribute to the artist legacy of Diego Velazquez. Viewer can watch Velazquez's royal portraits jump off the screen. Grand actors take on the their appointed roles within the royal court or the battle field. The action is moved forward as Alatrista goes about his business - basically doing the really dirty work for the King's ambition prime minister.

Paintings by Velazquez  pop up in the film as props or objects of discussion and critique.

The lighting of the film is set with obscure and mysterious dark backgrounds while the action and drama is highly illuminated - especially the faces and hands - as though each scene is a Velazquez painting.

Alatriste is performed with stylish charm by actor Viggo Mortensen. It is the 2nd most expensive film made in Spain.


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