Recently released by Fine Arts Historian Karla Darocas, Hons. B. A., it is a beautiful glossy detailed guidebook about the history and architecture of this coastal town with stunning photos and information starting in the 11th century up to the 17th century.

She admits, "I normally teach with a slideshow in a classroom situation, however last winter I decided to take my students on a “walking lecture” in Xàbia / Jávea, and actually look at real buildings.

After these outside classes, it was asked of me to prepare a guidebook of this walking lecture."

It wasn't long before she was digging deep into old Catalan archives and finding more than just surface information, as well as talking with the local museum curator.

Her historical research starts in 1010 with the rise of the Muslim population ruling in the Marina Alta region from their stronghold in Dénia.

Then she explores the Christian era with a look at the royal conquest and subsequent Noble rulers.

Detailed are all the various construction methods, architectural designs and decorative details of the Gothic era in Xàbia"

She concludes, "There are no books or websites in English that really explain anything of historical value of the area. They just copy each other and do not give a true representation of the importance and glory of Xàbia."

According to long time Jávea resident Diana Santiago, "I have been here almost 30 years and was absolutely delighted to have more in depth information on the history of Jávea. A great presentation and written in a style very clear and precise!"

Benitachell resident Lizzie Clayton had this to say about the book; "I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Karla's first book on the history and architecture of Jávea. It reads as Karla lectures, with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun. This is a must for anyone interested in knowing more of how Jávea has changed over time. I have ordered more to give as Christmas presents and what a fabulous addition to be put into rental properties. I love the knowledge I have gained from reading this book. A great read."

In conclusion, it is agreed that there is no other book like it and Karla has created something that brings enlightenment, historical truth and architectural reality, not just of Xàbia, but to the region of the Marina Alta.



One of the best ways to understand and appreciate Spain is to study its great art and architecture, which throughout the ages has inspired and enlightened many hearts and minds.

The Costa Blanca is fortunate to have one of the most recognised Spanish art historians living and teaching in Benitachell, Alicante.

Since 1990, Canadian national Mrs. Karla Darocas has been an adult educator who lived in four countries before making Spain her home when she married her longtime Spanish boyfriend in the year 2001.

In the past, her adult teaching curriculum focused on practical applications such as Business Development, Marketing and Digital Communications, but since 2012 she has narrowed her teaching spectrum to focus on her passion and core knowledge, Spanish Art History.

Karla graduated in 1990 from the University of Waterloo in Canada with an honours degree in Fine Arts specialising in the Spanish Art Masters. She now teaches about Spain exclusively from her own educational studio in Benitachell