Over the centuries Xàbia has grown in wealth and expansion. Fortunately, Xàbia has preserved many architectural treasures that tell fascinating historical tales. 

For visual art students and history lovers of all ages, Xàbia is a great place to study Spanish History and Architecture with a focus on the Valencian Mediterranean Culture. Xàbia (Valencian language) or Jávea (Castilian language) is a Valencian coastal town in the Marina Alta region (Alicante). 

Historical narrative suggests that Xàbia has always been a privileged and strategic Mediterranean location. 

Many settlers of diverse cultures have populated and enjoyed this exclusive spot including the Stone and Bronze-age peoples, Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, Visigoths, Germanic, Carthaginians, Moors and of course Christians. 

 For this essay, I will start our journey from the Muslim migration that settled in the Marina Alta region and brought their farming and building techniques. Then explore the Medieval Catholic era with emphasis on regional history and the Gothic architecture of Xàbia. 

Copyright © Mrs. Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. Fine Arts Published Author / Journalist / Editor & Educator Since 1990

A4 Size, 50 Glossy pages, Large Size Text, White Spiral Binding and Illustrated with Digital Images

- Architecture techniques, history, legends and more! 
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"I have been here almost 30 years and was absolutely delighted to have more in depth information on the history of Javea. A great presentation and written in a style very clear and precise! Thank you Karla for such a very interesting book! Congratulations, loved it!!!" - Diana Santiago, Javea 

 "I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Karla's first book on the history and architecture of Jávea. It reads as Karla lectures, with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun. This is a must for anyone interested in knowing more of how Jávea has changed over time. I have ordered more to give as Christmas presents and what a fabulous addition to be put into rental properties. I love the knowledge I have gained from reading this book. A great read." - Lizzie Clayton, Benitachell


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