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* Kathleen Misson - Really enjoyed it Karla. It is nice to have access to culture when we can't get out to see it. Culture and beautiful things are an important part of life, thank you for bringing them to us in this way.

* Nichola Balmer - You did really well. Enjoyed it. I've never been a massive fan of Murillo but look forward to learning more next time. Thank you.

* Josette Jouas - Looking forward to the next lecture. Picture and comments were clear and very interesting. A different form of passing along art and culture in these weird times.

* Carol Corke -  Well done, Karla. You managed your first Zoom presentation quite well. I love the realist painting and enjoyed learning more about the Spain in which it was painted. Thank you!

* Allison O'Brien - Great. Interesting.thanks Karla. Nice to hear your voice today.