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The Marina Alta region is a diverse terrain within the province of Alicante. Its neighbour, Gandia, is a city and a municipality. Both are located within the Valencian Community on Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast. 

As well as stunning landscape this area is full of historical and artistic landmarks that tell you much about the heritage and culture of Spain itself. This book reveals where these places are to be found and details the wealth of treasures you will discover on this journey. 

If you are looking for the real Spain that is not usually found on the standard tourist trail, then this book is where to begin. 

Included is a detailed guided tour of the Ducal Palace of Gandia, which from the 14th century, was the residence of the Royal Dukes of Gandía, and from 1485, the Borja family. It was the birthplace of Saint Francis Borja. It is an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1964. 


Karla Ingleton Darocas is Canadian married to a Spaniard and based in Benitachell on Spain's Costa Blanca. She is an educator with a passion to inspire and facilitate a lust to learn. Her love of Spanish art, architecture, and history is infectious, and she attracts art lovers to her lectures. 

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"I bought this book about the Marina Alta Region because I wanted to know more about Gandia. I found out so much info, in detail, about things I know I would have missed if I just visited without having this book by my side. The book also has info about Teulada, Beniarbeig, Parcent and Alcalali, etc, but I was particularly interested in Gandia. - Sarah Farrell

Saint Lucia: Early Christian Martyr or Valencian Fashion Model?

In the Fine Arts Museum of Valencia you will find this magnificent representation of one of the most interesting virgin saints of the biblical world.

This Lucía de Siracusa, however, is a jewel of the Valencian Renaissance, displaying all her devotion in a wonderfully embroidered silk mantle.

Article by Karla Ingleton Darocas (


The Valencia Fine Arts Museum contains some of the most important paintings in Spanish history. As soon as you walk into the main gallery, a monumental painting of San Miguel Arcángel takes your breath away.

This work of art has been in the museum's collections for a long time and has been seen by many generations of Valencians and foreigners. Because of its size, it is very compelling and captures your attention immediately. 


"When all the artists painted in the studios, he painted outdoors; when a filtered and conventional light, with the pallor of consumption, he brutally grasped the rays of the sun on the tips of his brushes and fixed them on his canvases."

- Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Sorolla's intimate friend and inspiration, Vicente Blasco, expressed his opinion on the work of Sorolla in a brief extract from a newspaper that was announcing Sorolla's death. Blasco believed that his friend was one of the brave ones because Sorolla painting outside, as often as the weather would permit. It was the hardest route to take, considering that studio painting was an environment where all elements, especially the light source, could be controlled. 

Even though open air painting was popular in Sorolla's era, he really didn't become fully addicted until after the turn of the century. 

Why was painting outside so exciting and risky for Sorolla?  But also, why was light so important in general terms?

Article by Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. (

Sorolla: INTO THE LIGHT of Impressionism & Luminism

"Fascinating lecture on the progression of Sorolla's style.  Loved his mixture of naturalism and Impressionism to create his own Illumination.  Karla has a great understanding of his works and you leave the class feeling stimulated.  Looking forward to the next one! "

-Mimi Carrera, Valencia