Spanish DOGS - EBook - The Story of Dogs in Spanish History, Culture & the Arts

About this Book

The history of Spanish dogs comes to life with a collection of essays about related prehistoric artefacts, ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman crafts and Spanish fine arts. Explained are canvases from the Renaissance and the Enlightenment to Modernist times, which have immortalized Spanish dogs, living or mythical, engaged in the lives of their patrons. 

The history of Spain, and its dogs, presents itself in the great works from artistic masters such as Francisco Ribalta, José de Ribera, Diego Velázquez, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Claudio Coello, Francisco de Goya, Carlos Luis de Ribera, Andrés Parladé, Joaquín Sorolla and Pablo Picasso all took to their brushes and canvasses to pay homage and grand affection to the dogs that they portrayed in paint.

In some of these works of art, the dog has been represented as an emblem of fidelity and trust, while in others, the dog is a symbol of power and prestige. In other paintings the dog acts as a metaphor that propels the narrative of the visual tale being told. While in others, the dog is an allegory or reflection of a human emotion or a prophecy. 

The goal is to offer a firm knowledge about our Spanish four footed friends and their footprints in our history.

Hopefully one day, humankind can return to a time when animals are respected as equals with the same rights, freedoms, and protections afforded to humans. 

This book is dedicated to all animal activists and protectors. 

The Story of Dogs in Spanish History, Culture & the Arts

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