Spain’s Modern 19th & 20th SHOCKING Ideology of Women - tba

In this lecture, we will take a critical journey to the epicentre of Spain's turn-of-the-century art world's blatant misogyny and macho attitudes. It was a time of the industrial revolution which caused the rise of the bourgeoisie and the decline of the nobility and their church imposed charity obligations. 

In this time of radical upheaval, many women often found themselves in situations that were hopeless and without choices trying to survive in an established social system that made no sympathetic allocations to compensate for their blight. 

Some intelligent academic artists aimed to call out the hypocrisy of the established fine arts competition system and its judges who defended their manly narrow-minded morality. What they ended up approving and disapproving, at the national exhibitions, in today's society, would be considered absolutely shocking!