JUNE 10, 2021


The first ART TALK of the summer season is on Thursday, June 17th at 5pm and is called the SEVILLIAN GARDEN OF THE SENSES. It will focus on the emblematic paintings of the Sevillian garden where history, popular past, light, color, sounds, and pleasant domestic visions yield an appreciation of Sevilla landscape art.

In this talk, fine arts historian Karla Darocas will highlight 3 of the last paintings created by the award-winning Sevillian master artist - Manuel García y Rodríguez (1863-1925, Seville) 

Exploring the idea of "interior landscapes", Manuel García blends the popularity of the Sevillian patio with feminine characters and delicate touches that spark the senses and elevate the viewers' sensual sensations. DEADLINE to join is the 14th and invites with the Zoom password will be emailed on that day. 


Karla Darocas, a leading authority on Spanish art and a published author on the subject, will be giving free online lessons over the summer months. These amazing Spanish artworks and artists can be found in the countries top fine art museums such as the Prado in Madrid, the Valencia Fine Arts Museum, or the Fine Arts Museum of Seville, to name a few.

You just need to become a member of her website at to get your invite and Zoom password in your email box.

Karla is an honours graduate in Fine Arts and from her classroom in Benitachell teaches the subject to Marina Alta residents and over the internet to an international audience.

At present, Karla has five books all based on Spanish art and culture as a theme, but each provides a different insight for her readers.  Two of these books, the Medieval Glory of Javea and Marina Alta and Gandia, are designed to highlight the local art and architectural treasures on our doorstep.  She has also written a book on local stories and legends of Javea and one on the wife of Joaquín Sorolla, the leading Valencian artist whose 125th anniversary of first visiting Javea is to be celebrated later this year.

In her latest book, a must-read for dog owners, Karla has featured the story of dogs in Spanish history, culture, and the arts.  Dogs feature heavily in many famous Spanish paintings, and Karla’s book helps us understand their significance and symbolism.

All Karla’s books can be ordered from Amazon.  If you live in the Javea area, you can also just email her and meet up to purchase a signed copy. 

As well as being a published author, Karla is also a respected educator in Spanish fine arts.  She has been teaching since 1990 and has over 50 popular lectures on leading Master Spanish artists such as Picasso, Dali, Goya, and Velázquez.  She also teaches on important Spanish art movements and genres such as the Baroque, Neo-Classical, Romanticism, Cubism, Modernism, Still Life, Landscapes, Portraits, Social Realism, just to name a few.

Karla is Canadian by birth, married to a Spaniard.  She has lived in Spain for over 20 years but first started coming to Spain in 1988 to study at the Prado Museum of Fine Arts in Madrid.


Karla Darocas Contact Details:
Tel # 648 156 066