In this class, we look at the Catalan artist Remedios Varo. She was one of the few women to graduate from the famous Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid (1930), where she studied with another young Catalan named Salvador Dali.

She blended Renaissance techniques with modern Surrealism, Symbolism and Mystical styles to develop personal artworks that were incredibly unique and magical. 


"The lecture on Remedios Varo was extremely informative and very well presented in a lively, easy to understand way. Karla is a great communicator who inspires her audience. Karla's teaching style is casual, lively and packed with information and I would definitely recommend her to others." * Nicola Clark, Javea 

"Prior to this lecture, Remedios Varo was an unknown to me but once again Karla worked her magic and brought this amazing woman to life, sharing her incredible experiences, surrealist works and anarchist views, which were very forward-thinking for a woman of her time." * Sue Martin, Pedreguer 

"Karla, thank you so much for the presentation again. I found it revealing, most interesting. Not only did I get an idea about Remedios Varo's life and works, but also about how visionary and enlightened she was. Your talks open my eyes more and more each time I hear details about an artist's life. I can understand, and appreciate, her/his work a lot more." So, many thanks - you do this job wonderfully!! * Besos, Angelika xx 


"I have to confess I had never heard of Remedios Varo before I saw some publicity for Karla's lecture but having heard Karla teach before I knew it would be worth going along. I am so glad I did. I learnt so much, not just about this fantastic artist but surrealism in general and world events that led to its creation and influence. As ever thanks Karla for a great lecture!" * Christine Wood 


"Karla's lectures are always amazing and today's Artist subject ... the wonderful Remedios Varo. Been thinking about it all day and looking up the web for symbolism...Wow....the lectures are so informative and explicit...Always looking forward to the next!!!! I am always impressed by Karla's enthusiasm and vast knowledge ... I recommend Karla Darocas's teaching and events always!!" * Diana Santiago