EL GRECO: Life, Art & Mystery

INTRODUCTION to Lecture & Slideshow

We explore the life, art and mystery of El Greco. 

Doménikos Theotokópoulos was a Greek artist who made his fame and fortune in Toledo, Spain during the early to mid Renaissance. However, it was his dedication to the Catholic mysteries that carved out his path to his patrons. 

His supporters loved the fact that he rebelled against his Renaissance counterparts and followed his own visions and not the Italianized rediscovery and revival of the Western classics. This rebellious nature made him truly unique. 

His dedication to keeping his Christian faith full of mystery spoke to many different cultures and citizens of all social levels. His artworks also reflected his emotional struggles with married life, parenthood and the prevailing social structure of authority. 

In fact, his rule breaking, individualized style influenced various artistic movements such as Expressionism and Cubism. Many modern artists and scholars regard El Greco as one of the finest painters of Spain, if not all of Western Art. 

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"I very much enjoyed this talk on El Greco. It filled up my mind with amazing art and interesting historical details. Karla brings colour to life with her unique perspectives and extensive knowledge about art. The feature that I like about her teaching is her unique perspective." 
- Kathleen Misson, Moraira. 

"The lecture on El Greco was just as amazing . I know little of this painter but Karla certainly brought him to life in her informative and lively lecture . I look forward to adding to my knowledge of Spanish Masters as I attend other lectures. Karla is certainly making a great contribution to our cultural life and understanding of Spain." 
 - Lorna Ainsworth, Javea 

"It's so inspiring to attend Karla's lectures. Even though I had been before to different 'El Greco' lecture by Karla, she manages to come up with new information, new angles and new background information. Well prepared, well done and well appreciated! Karla Darocas has a clear talking style and a sense of humor and I would recommend her teaching and events!" 

 -Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell

"Time flies at these lectures and I absolutely love them. I am totally hooked and this one on El Greco was no exception. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I have most certainly caught the bug! Thanks Karla for bringing a new dimension into my life."
- Sue Martin, Pedreguer

"I thoroughly enjoyed Karla's most recent lecture on El Greco. She is knowledgable and passionate about the artists she discusses and the times in which they lived, so much so that they come to life before your eyes. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity that Karla gives us and spend a very enjoyable couple of hours."
- Margaret den Hartog, Javea

"As always, great. Karla has such detailed knowledge about the artist and her/his work she talks about. It is so interesting for me to hear the background of the piece of art, the details in it, and the life of the artist. I am again and again fascinated by the brilliant way of her presentation!! I love everything about Karla's teaching style and I absolutely recommend her to others!"
- Angelika Goette, Jávea