Looking for an inspiring story? How about the unique concept of an "open-air" art gallery that transformed a deprived village of 323 inhabitants in the Spanish province of Castellón, and is now part of a worldwide circuit of street art exhibitions?

Report by Karla Darocas, Hons. B. A. ( for

This village is called Fanzara and lies just outside the capital Castellón.

Fanzara is off the beaten track. I doubt that anyone would have entered this part of the magnificent wooden landscape if it were not for the fact that the village is covered with works of art.

The artworks are painted on the sides of all kinds of buildings, from fancy houses and flats to ruins. The style of the artworks varies from ultra-modern to decorative to traditional. The village now boasts over 100 works by more than 200 artists!

The village is made up of 70% pensioners and only a few families with children. It has a quiet and peaceful charm that prevails at every turn and bend of the old streets until the tourists arrive. At lunchtime, the streets are busy, and the two restaurants are full of customers. 

Art lovers of all kinds cavort in the village. You meet them at every turn. Their faces are full of awe and enthusiasm. They point at the murals and photograph them when they appear, then continue on their way.

Every year the village invites even more artists to contribute their creativity. It is now like a growing living thing!