JOSÉ de RIBERA: The Baroque Master of Grace and Grandeur

This class will cover the complete works of José de Ribera, along with the history of the artist and his times. Ribera is considered one of the finest late Spanish Renaissance painters who didn't even live in Spain.

Ribera was born in Xativa, near Valencia as Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652). He studied with the Valencian painter, Francisco Ribalta (1565-1628) before heading to Italy; first Parma, Padua, and probably Venice and then Rome from 1613-16.


In this class, students will explore the complete works of Diego Velázquez's as well as his time in history as the most prestigious court painter for Spain's Habsburg King - Philip IV. Students will discover why he became the leader of the Spanish Baroque period and is still celebrated as Spain's most revolutionary portrait painter today. 


In this class, we analyse, investigate and marvel at the life and times of this Gothic warrior Queen of Castile, Isabella I.

She was the driving force of 15th-century Spanish culture and politics. Also known as Isabel la Católica, a title granted to her by Pope Alexander VI, Isabella reorganized the governmental system, brought the crime rate to the lowest it had been in years, unburdened the kingdom of its enormous debt, completed the "Reconquista" by taking the rest of Spain for the Spanish crown, ordered the conversion or exile of Muslim and Jewish citizens, and financially supported Christopher Columbus's in his 1492 voyage that led to the opening of the New World establishing Spain as the first global superpower, which dominated Europe and much of the world for more than a century.


This class explores the vast array of architectural treasures in the grand city of Valencia making it a very special place since the time of the Romans. It really excels with the wealth of traders, nobles and royalty in the medieval era.  The marvelous manifestation of man and creation come to life in the facades and interiors of churches, convents, monasteries and secular buildings and palaces of Valencia city branding it as the 2nd most important city in Spain.