In this class, students will explore the complete works of Diego Velázquez's as well as his time in history as the most prestigious court painter for Spain's Habsburg King - Philip IV. Students will discover why he became the leader of the Spanish Baroque period and is still celebrated as Spain's most revolutionary portrait painter today. 

Diego Velázquez's philosophy towards the period Baroque style differentiated him from others of his time who stayed bound to the traditional and historical ways of depicting their subjects. His individualistic style of naturalism, a precursor to realism, favored authenticity over idealized and unrealistic representational art.

He was equally interested in the common man as the praised man and took the Renaissance Humanist movement to heart and mind.

Diego Velázquez's impressive body of work is fiercely individualistic underlying his devoted passion for human beings and the human experience.

He remains one of the most important artists of the Spanish Golden Age.

"Before today Velazquez was just an artist and a name. Karla brought him to life with her infectious enthusiasm, creating a passion within me to discover more. I cannot wait to visit the Prado again and immerse myself absorbing his works with my new found knowledge. I have learnt so much and am hungry for more. I love Karla's passion and enthusiasm. I absolutely recommend her classes!"
 * Sue Martin, Pedreguer
"Now that I am in Spain, I have found a person, Karla Darocas, who is also enthusiastic, and knows how to transmit her knowledge of Spanish culture. I learned a lot about Velazquez, but also how Monet and other impressionists were influenced by Velazquez (Le joueur de flute). Karla Darocas has a very natural teaching style, ease, language, comments and I would recommend her to others."
 * Josette Jouas, Denia
"We learnt about Diego Velazquez and how his work progressed and developed during his lifetime. We also learnt how his work was influenced by the politics, religion and culture of the time. In addition, Karla incorporated a complete history of the reign of Philip IV, the rise and fall of the Habsburgs in Spain. We both like Karla's teaching style of delivery. She is very matter-of-fact and tells it like it is with a bit of humour thrown in. We would definitely encourage others to attend her presentations and other events."
 * Gladys and Ian Cummings. Javea and UK
"I attended with curiosity, having moved recently to Spain and wishing to learn more about this fascinating new country. What I learned was an amazing story of the Baroque period, the monarchy and the life of an amazing painter. I simply can't wait to see Velazquez's paintings at the Prado and am plotting a trip to see them very soon. Karla's teaching style is down to earth and she brings the characters to life! I recommend her to others again and again."
 * Sue Bell, Benissa
"I learned a bit of everything from the general trends of art at that time in Spain (1600s), to the use of colour & light, & everything in between. I particularly liked how history & politics of the times can be shown to be a big feature of the composition of the picture. I also learned more about the Spanish Royal lineage of the Habsburgs & the place of Royal women as mere pawns. Karla Darocas made a subject I have little knowledge of into an absorbing 2 hours of easy listening & learning. I would definitely recommend Karla
 * Linda Stephen-martin, Benitachell