ARCHITECTURE OF TOLEDO * Repeat Presentations

Jan. Sun.14 & Mon.15, 2018
10:30 H * DAROCAS STUDIO * Benitachell

PART ONE -Antiquity & Medieval

Learn the entire evolution of Spain via the tribes and cultures who inhabited the Iberian landscape and made Toledo their capital. From the early Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Moors to the Catholic Monarchs, Toledo has seen it all.

The architecture, sculptures and painting of this Pre-Renaissance period tell a rich and fascinating story of discovery and adventure.

PART TWO - The Golden Age

Toledo came into the Renaissance like no other place in Spain with vibrant and unique displays of grandeur.

From the imperial style dedicated to Queen Isabella, to the flamboyant and ornate, Toledo made its mark up to and even after its fall as the Royal seat.

Toledo's continued religious stronghold as a capital to its now current historical monumental tourist attraction makes Toledo one of the most fascinating cities to study for art, architecture, history and cultural students!


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Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, the most admired, the greatest European painter who ever lived, possessed a miraculous gift for conveying a sense of truth. He gave the best of his talents to painting portraits, which capture the appearance of reality through the seemingly effortless handling of sensuous paint.

Under the Habsburgs, Spain dominated Europe politically and militarily for much of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries but experienced a gradual decline of influence in the second half of the seventeenth century under the later Habsburg kings.

Philip IV of Spain (Spanish: Felipe IV; 8 April 1605 – 17 September 1665) was King of Spain (as Philip IV in Castille and Philip III in Aragon) and Portugal as Philip III (Portuguese: Filipe III). He ascended the thrones in 1621 and reigned in Spain until his death and in Portugal until 1640.

Philip is remembered for his patronage of the arts, including such artists as Diego Velázquez, and his rule over Spain during the challenging period of the Thirty Years' War.

On the eve of his death in 1665, the Spanish Empire had reached approximately 12.2 million square kilometers (4.7 million square miles) in area but in other respects was in decline, a process to which Philip contributed with his inability to achieve successful domestic and military reform.


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DISCOVER BEAUTY * Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 * 10:30H

LEARN how to see the world like an artist and witness the beauty in everything!
IMPROVE your art, design and photography efforts

Presentation includes:
Slideshow, lecture and course notes

Instructor: Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. Fine Arts, Film, Photography *qualified instructor since 1990


"Wonderfully interesting lecture with slide show describing how beauty elements have evolved and become appreciated through the centuries followed by the personalised attention in helping me discover my own artistic talents. I left wanting more!"
Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"Karla is very informative with a lovely sense of humour which makes it a pleasure to learn from someone who obviously has great knowledge and a great passion for what she does."
* Laura Donoghue, Javea 


"Yesterday, I learned from Karla to see the things different... I loved it...
I love the way she sees things and I learned all about it..."
* Heidi Weiss,  Benissa   


TAKE more interesting and beautiful pictures just by learning more about the capabilities of your smartphone camera and a bit of basic design skills.

Workshop will cover:
*Smartphone camera settings, exposures and basic photography like compositions and angels.

What you need:
*Walking shoes

How will work:
*Instruction will take place at Darocas Studio followed by a practical photo shoot at the Benitachell market where you can capture a slice of Spain! Then we can all go for cafe and answer questions :) xx

Instructor: Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. Fine Arts, Film, Photography *qualified instructor since 1990

Karla is a truly talented photographer. She combines her background in fine arts with the camera's technology and through the lens wonderful creations are born enabling the viewer to see and appreciate the hidden beauty that is around us. 
A flower, an insect and a building come to life as a digital portrait reflecting her passion for photography. *Margaret Den Hartog, Javea, Alicante
After just a couple of hours on this course I had learnt so much that I am planning trips just to take my camera out. There was lots of personal attention from Karla and loads of ideas of simple things to try that were really effective.Karla Darocas's teaching style is easy to understand but inspiring. Lots of personal attention in a small group. * Christine Wood of Javea 
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very helpful and interesting. I found myself absorbing lines, shapes and textures all the way home!!Also this workshop gave me a greater confidence to play around with the camera. I learned a lot in a short time.Karla is very informative with a lovely sense of humour which makes it a pleasure to learn from someone who obviously has great knowledge and a great passion for what she does. * Laura Donoghue, Javea 


Very special lecture on the history of Toledo via its architecture, sculptures 
and of course paintings.  


"From the Visigothic and Roman roots of Toledo with its unique cultural legacy of Christian, Arab and Jewish communities living alongside each other to the horseshoe arched mosques and haunting canvases of El Greco, Karla crammed all of this and much more into her enthralling and spellbinding lecture.

Toledo now holds a far greater appeal than ever before, I simply must return to truly explore and appreciate this magnificent medieval city. Wow!

Karla's teaching style is full of  Passion and Knowledge and I "always" recommend her to other.

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"Where to start? As always Karla shares so much knowledge.

I learnt the range of people's coming into Spain and eventually Toledo including the Romans, Visigoths, Jews and Muslims. This seat of learning also showed how many different cultures could live together in harmony and learn from each other.

I learnt how to understand the different styles of architecture, the more simple style of Rome to Mudejar from the Muslims. This was using materials readily available, clay to make bricks, stones from the fields. The skill to carve and embellish plaster.

I could go on for so much longer, but I can't wait for her next lecture, Toledo part 2.

If you want to learn about Spain and it's history Karla's teaching through art is wonderful. The feature I love about her teaching is her knowledge and passion. I  Highly recommended her lectures."

* Lizzie Clayton. Benitachell


EL GRECO * Mysticism, Revolt & Revival

El Greco was a Greek artist whose painting and sculpture helped define the Spanish Renaissance and influence various movements such as Expressionism and Cubism.

El Greco was born around 1541 in Crete, which was then part of the Republic of Venice. In his mid-twenties, he traveled to Venice and studied under Titian, who was the most renowned painter of his day. Around age 35, he moved to Toledo, Spain, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life.

Fusing Byzantine traditions with Western art, El Greco is noted for his extended figures and often fanciful pigmentation and because of this many modern scholars believe that El Greco is a truly unique artist who broke the rules of all conventional schools.

Many regard El Greco as one of the finest painters of Spain, if not all of Western Art. 


"The lecture on El Greco was just as amazing . I know little of this painter but you certainly brought him to life in your informative and lively lecture . I look forward to adding to my knowledge of Spanish Masters as I attend other lectures.

 Keep up the good work Karla . You are certainly making a great contribution to our cultural life and understanding of Spain."

Lorna Ainsworth, Javea

"It's so inspiring to attend Karla's lectures. Even though I had been before to different 'El Greco' lectures of Karlas', she manages to come up with new information, new angles and new background information.

On top of that it is a pleasure to be able to attend such an educational art class on a Sunday morning in the village of Benitachell.

Well prepared, well done and well appreciated!

Karla Darocas has a clear talking style and a sense of humor and I would recommend her teaching and events!"

*Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell


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