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"The Lure of the Light" will be a very special and unique fine arts lecture held in Javea in October 2016

Mrs. Karla Darocas is the region's most recognised Fine Arts educator specialising in the Spanish Masters - their autobiographies, their historical times and of course their art works.

Mrs. Darocas is holding this lecture and visual slideshow at the International Church in Javea in October 2016.

Her goal is to raise much needed funds for artist Laura Aldridge, who a single mother based in Benidoleig.

Mrs. Darocas recognises that Aldridge is a struggling mother trying to generate revenue for herself and her 10 year old son.

While the charity called "Guardian Angels" has helped Laura by granting some financial aid to take a few business skills training courses, the committee declined her request to help  purchase two very much needed tools to launch her enterprise. These tools include a basic computer and a digital camera.

Mrs. Darocas wants to be able to buy Laura Aldridge these necessary tools and invites you to reserve a ticket and a seat to this fundraiser - if you can attend
- or if you cannot attend
you are invited to just buy a ticket or two via PayPal - in order to support this event and its goal.

Included in this lecture...

  • A Brief but important overview of the Impressionism art movement.
  • An In-depth look at Spanish Impressionism with a special focus on Valencian Impressionism 
  • A Presentation of the Life, Times & Works of Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (27 February 1863 – 10 August 1923 * Valencia, Spain) 
  • A Presentation of the Life, Times & Works of José Royo - (1941 * Valencia, Spain)