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Dali was the first of the visual artists of his era to seriously question and pictorially document Freudian theories. 
”Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening” (1944), Salvador Dali. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid.
Freud by Dali

This lecture and slideshow will explore Freud’s Influence on Dali’s Surreal style with special insights into...
- the concepts "Free Association" 
- and of course “Dream” Painting
- and all the funny stories and fabulous art that goes with Dali's experiments into Freud's theories of the subconscious!

Monday, September 19th

10:30 h

Darocas Studio inside the offices of Benitachell Properties

10 E


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It was been 120 years now since the devoted artist Joaquín Sorolla came on a vacation to Javea and decided it to be a very special and magical place.  His surprise at its beauty and the difference of its coastline compared with that of Valencia are evident in a telegram he sent to his wife on his arrival.

"Sublime Jávea, immense, the best I know for painting ... I shall be here a few days. If you were here, two months," he remarked with enthusiasm.

In a subsequent letter he also states, "This, Xabia, has all that I could wish for and more, and if you could see what I have in front of my cottage, you’d be lost for words to praise it; I fall silent from the emotion that still grips me; imagine, my house is on Monte Carlo itself; this is all a mad dream, just like living on the sea, aboard a great ship. You made such a mistake in not coming!! You'd be so happy... You'd enjoy yourself so much! This is the place I've always dreamt about, Sea and Mountains, but what a sea!"

Sorolla returned to paint in 1898, 1900 and 1905.

In celebration of this 120 year mark and in an effort to bring Sorolla's impressions and revolutionary artistic techniques into a broader understanding, a very special Fine Arts lecture about Sorolla will take place.

"The Lure of the Light" will be held in Javea in October 2016

Mrs. Karla Darocas is the region's most recognised Fine Arts educator specialising in the Spanish Masters - their autobiographies, their historical times and of course their art works.

Mrs. Darocas is holding this historical lecture and visual slideshow at the International Baptist Church in Javea in October 2016.

Her goal outside of the obvious educational and appreciation towards the works of Sorolla and Fine Arts in general - Karla wants to raise much needed funds for a promising artist named Laura Aldridge, who is a single mother based in Benidoleig.

Karla has created an Artist in Residence programme for Laura whereby she can attend all of the Fine Arts lectures in the season free of charge and hence increase her arts education and techniques.

Mrs. Darocas also recognises that Aldridge is a struggling mother trying to generate revenue for herself and her 10 year old son.

"To increase her knowledge base, Laura has taken a some very important business skills training courses awarded by the charity called Guardian Angles; however, she is without marketing tools," expresses the educator.

"A basic laptop computer and a digital camera are the most important tools in today's business world and without them you cannot run a successful enterprise," concludes Karla Darocas.

Karla wants to be able to buy Laura Aldridge these necessary tools, and the proceeds from this event will go towards this mission.

After the lecture - guest will be invited to view the artworks created by Karla in the style and techque of Sorolla but updated to with impressions of today's modern kids the beach, which was one of his favourite themes.

Also on show and sale will be artworks created by Laura.

It will be an event not to be missed!


Joaquín Sorolla

Instructor * Mrs. Karla Darocas, (Hons.B.A. Fine Arts)


Included in this lecture...
  • A Brief but important overview of the Impressionism art movement.
  • An In-depth look at Spanish Impressionism with a special focus on Valencian Impressionism
  • A Selective Presentation of the Life, Times & Works of Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (27 February 1863 – 10 August 1923 * Valencia, Spain)
  • Bonus - A Peak at the life and impressive works of José Royo - (1941 * Valencia, Spain)



Hello Friends & Students

I invite you to reserve a ticket and a seat to this very special lecture.

I am putting together an action packed adventure into the revolution of "Impressionism" and how this radical approach to art - changed our perspectives of light, colour and nature.

This lecture will be full of the "Wow!!" factor to fine art fans.

I want to take an intensive look into "Impressionism" and how "Impressionist" artists turned their backs on artificial lighting and explored what happened to their visions when they went outside to paint. For the first time, artists ventured into the natural light for a really good look around.

What they recorded and created turned heads. The change caused a scandal a century ago!

A Valenciano-born artist of middle-class background and fine arts training and awards, had the "enlightened" idea to bring the Paris-born impressionist revolution back to his home town of Valencia.

That artist was Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.

He captured the light and recorded his "impressions" and "visions" of the Costa Blanca.

I am always so honoured to be lecturing on Sorolla. I feel so inspired!!

Hope you will share this journey with me.

And help me to buy Laura some tools so she can get busy!!

Karla Darocas,


* Guaranteed Seating

You are invited to just buy a ticket or two via PayPal
- in order to support this event and its goal. Thank You.

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