Thursday, January 23rd, 10:30H
Darocas Studio. Benitachell
Fee: 10 euros includes coffee

This Class explores the History of Gandia from its early beginnings through to its modern transformations by exploring its royalty, nobles, arts, crafts, trades and architectural buildings and monuments.


NEW!! Glossy 28 page, large print,  spiral bound, Omnibus / Collection of updated / revised essays about interesting historical secrets and exciting information on Xàbia / Jávea.

MEET THE ARTIST EVENT * Robert E Sapsford *

THANK YOU TO ALL who came along to the MEET THE ARTIST EVENT * with guest artist ROBERT E SAPSFORD on Friday 10TH at Darocas Studio.

Robert shared his humble journey as a youth with desires to be an artist but he faced many challenges. His presentation slideshow was very impressive with a vast array of complex paintings in oils and acrylics.
We all mingled, drank coffee and ate sponge cake too.

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Report About Robert E Sapsford by Karla Darocas for

JOSÉ de RIBERA: The Baroque Master of Grace and Grandeur

This class will cover the complete works of José de Ribera, along with the history of the artist and his times. Ribera is considered one of the finest late Spanish Renaissance painters who didn't even live in Spain.

Ribera was born in Xativa, near Valencia as Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652). He studied with the Valencian painter, Francisco Ribalta (1565-1628) before heading to Italy; first Parma, Padua, and probably Venice and then Rome from 1613-16.

A GENUINE MIRACLE OF NATURE * La Mujer Barbuda by Jusepe de Ribera

Since returning from our fabulous four day SpainLifestyle Renaissance Road Trip, lots of my friends and colleagues have been asking me as to what was the highlight of this trip?

FUNDRAISER. The Most Famous Dogs in Spanish Fine Arts History

This event is a Visual Presentation and Lecture about the Greatest Works of Spanish Art that Include Dogs.
.. * How did we come to love and respect dogs in Western culture?
* Who were the artists that elevated the dog to a position of respect?
* What pictorial information does a dog in a painting represent?


In this class, students will explore the complete works of Diego Velázquez's as well as his time in history as the most prestigious court painter for Spain's Habsburg King - Philip IV. Students will discover why he became the leader of the Spanish Baroque period and is still celebrated as Spain's most revolutionary portrait painter today. 


When I lived in Xàtiva back in 2001, the town where my husband was born, I walked by the statue of José de Ribera everyday. Our apartment was on the same street as the Basilica and the old hospital, where my husband was born, and at the other end was the statue of José de Ribera or Jusepe as he is know in the Valencian language.

José de Ribera was also born in Xàtiva but in 1591. His father's name was Simón Ribera, a shoemaker by profession, and his mother was Margarita Cucó. While there are many documentary and bibliographical sources detailing many aspects of Ribera's life and work, there is nothing about his childhood and youth in Xàtiva.


In this class, students will learn how Spain in the late 1400'a and all of the 1500's century grew both politically and economically making it viable to construct remarkable buildings. Explored will be the details of the different styles that evolved as well as the motivations and philosophies, even secrets and scandals, behind their developments.


Recently released by Fine Arts Historian Karla Darocas, Hons. B. A., it is a beautiful glossy detailed guidebook about the history and architecture of this coastal town with stunning photos and information starting in the 11th century up to the 17th century.

THE LURE OF THE LIGHT * Joaquín Sorolla

20th Century Spanish painter, Sorolla excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, and monumental works of social and historical themes.  His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the bright sunlight of his native Valencia and sunlit water.

This class has all of Sorolla's most famous artworks explained plus also a special emphasis on the unique elements and techniques of Spanish Impressionism and the remarkable artworks from his holidays in Xàbia  / Jávea.