Why Study Art History

Art history teaches you about the history, aesthetics, and cultural significance of visual arts. 

Through studying art history, you can gain a deeper understanding of the context and meaning of artworks and their creators, as well as the broader social and cultural contexts in which they were produced. 

Here are some specific things that art history can teach you:

  1. The styles and techniques used in different art movements and period.
  2. The cultural and historical context of artworks, including the social, political, and economic factors that influenced their creation
  3. The role of art in different cultures and societies, and its impact on social and political change
  4. How to analyze and interpret artworks, including their form, content, and meaning
  5. The lives and careers of important artists and their contributions to the development of art over time
  6. How art reflects and shapes cultural values and identities
  7. The ways in which art has been collected, displayed, and interpreted throughout history.

Overall, studying art history can help you develop a critical eye and a deeper appreciation for the power and significance of art in human culture.