• All Classes are university level 
  • Presentations include lecture and slideshow visuals and/or other resource materials
  • Lectures are both Classroom & Online with ZOOM 


  1. Tribute to El Greco and Mannerism
  2. El Greco: Dedicated to the Mysteries
  3. Tribute to Jusepe de Ribera and High Renaissance & Baroque
  4. Tribute to Velazquez and Baroque
  5. Velazquez & Humanism
  6. Tribute to Goya & Neo-Romanticism
  7. Goya in Black and White *sketches & aquatints*
  8. Goya's Girls - Women & Fashion
  9. Tribute to Sorolla: The Artist, the Humanist, the Scientist of Impressionism 
  10. The Portraits of Sorolla
  11. Sorolla: The Lure of the Light with emphasis on Valencian Impressionism and works from Xàbia  / Jávea 
  12. Clotilde: Sorolla's Cornerstone
  13. Sorolla: The Naked Truth of Academicism, Social Realism & Costumbrismo
  14. Sorolla: Into the Light of Impressionism and Luminism
  15. Tribute to Picasso
  16. Picasso in Paris
  17. Salvador and Freud
  18. Salvador and Science
  19. Tribute To Toledo - Antiquity to Gothic Medieval
  20. Tribute To Toledo  Part Two 
  21. Glorious Gandia Architecture & Artifacts
  22. Treasures Of Teruel - Treasures & Tales
  23. Victorious Valencia - Jewels of Architecture
  24. Valencia's Fine Arts Museum - International Gothic Collection
  25. Valencia's Fine Arts Museum - The Classics Of The Collection
  26. Xàbia / Jávea * Architecture & Artifacts (Walking Lecture)
  27. Isabella I of Castile
  28. Remedios Varo * Symbolism to Surrealism
  29. Tribute to Frida Kahlo
  30. Understanding Valencian Gothic Architecture* Sacred & Civil 
  31. Understanding Spanish Royal Renaissance Architecture
  32. Toledo Cathedral - Discover High Gothic
  33. Spanish Baroque - Sacred Themes, The Masters
  34. Evolution 17c Spanish Profane Baroque
  35. 17th Century Spanish Royal Portraits, Painters & Fashion
  36. 17th Century Evolution of Spanish Classical Landscapes
  37. The 18th Century Rise & Fall of the Rococo Style in Spain
  38. Tribute - Spain's Royal Neoclassical Architecture & Monuments
  39. The Evolution Of Spanish Neoclassical Artists & Paintings
  40. 19th Century Andalusian School Of Romanticism
  41. 19th Century Madrilenian School of Romanticism
  42. Late 19th Century Spanish Orientalist Painters of Landscapes, Cultures & Costumes
  43. The Most Amazing & Famous Spanish Historical Paintings Of The 19th Century
  44. The Brilliance of the Valencian and Catalonian Luminist Painters
  45. Sevillian Garden of the Senses - artworks by master artist - Manuel García y Rodríguez
  46. Silk Shawls & Carnations artworks by Seville artist Gonzalo Bilbao
  47. Seduction In Spanish Romantic Art & Historical Culture
  48. 19th Century Spanish Summers for the Bourgeoisie
  49. The Painters & Importance of Social Realism in Political History
  50. SHOCKING Modern 19th & 20th Ideology of Women in Art 
  51. 19th Century Romantic Iberian Neomudéjar Architecture 
  52. Artists of Catalan Modernist Movement and Their Headquarters at Els Quatre Gats 
  53. The Master Architects of Catalan Modernism 
  54. Tribute to Antoni Gaudí
  55. Detailed Exploration of the Temple of La Sagrada Familia
  56. Exploring Catalan Novecentismo Art and Architecture
  57. Artists of Spanish Cubism Beyond Picasso