Discover the Art & Philosophy of Velázquez the Most Important Painter of the Golden Age

MONDAY, 7th MARCH - 2016 

(1599 - 1660)

Discover How the Art & Philosophy of Velázquez 
Shaped the Outlook of Spain and the World

Hailed as Spain's "Greatest Baroque Artist and the Most Important Painter of the Golden Age"

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez was born in Seville on June 6, 1599, the oldest of six children; both his parents were from the minor nobility.

As a student of art, Velázquez absorbed and blended the most popular contemporaneous styles of painting, derived, in part, from both Flemish and Italian realism.

As a master painter, Velázquez became an innovator of perspective, the rounded form, lighting and realism. 

He also became the curator of the Prado Museum in Madrid and we can today thank this genius for his knowledge of great art and his purchases he made on behalf of the museum and King Philip 1V.