ART FILM * THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL . directed by Luis Buñuel.

10:30 * Coffee, Film & Discussion
5 euro donation
DAROCAS STUDIO * Benitachell

Starring Silvia Pinal, Jaqueline Andere, Enrique Rambal Mexico 1962, 35mm, b/w, 94 min.
Spanish with English subtitles.

Watch as the legendary Spanish surrealist film master Luis Buñuel psychologically tortures a mansion full of uptight high society dinner guests.

Leaving Franco Spain for the artistic freedom of Mexico, in 1962 Buñuel stays true to his surrealist roots and makes this iconoclastic film.

It is a film that demands your attention by breaking narrative rules.

It also draws you into the tragic reality of the characters who cannot process nor escape their situation. These characters are a class of people who thrive by materialistic values and conventional attitudes. They are bound to their rules by duty and etiquette. When the reality of their dinner party becomes very strange, it is their base instincts and phobias that come to the surface.

This film is full of sarcastic wit, unconscious and dreamlike images, Freudian slips, drugs, sex, death, suicide - just to make sure you are paying attention... and so much more!!

It is a timeless masterpiece of surrealist art.

It is also a revolt against all oppressive civilizations... like Franco's Spain.



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