SpainLifestyle.com seeks to teach adult students how to understand, interpret, appreciate and ultimately enjoy great Spanish art and architecture.

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As an educator / training instructor since 1990, I have developed a passion to inspire and facilitate a "lust to learn".

After graduating university, I went into a new field of education called "Continuous Learning".

Continuous learning is about expanding your ability to learn by regularly upgrading and increasing your knowledge base.

I am classified as a Visual Arts Educator and Fine Arts Historian specialising in Spanish Fine Arts and Architecture. 

My Students learn how to understand, interpret, appreciate and ultimately enjoy great art and architecture.

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Karla Ingleton-Darocas
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  • Hons. B.A. FINE ARTS, Specialisations in Spanish Fine Arts Masters, Creative Arts, Film Studies and Photography, University of Waterloo, Waterloo. CANADA grd. 1990
  • Diploma Creative Arts. Rexdale College, Rexdale. CANADA . grd. 1979
  • Entrepreneurial Business Diploma. Kitchener. CANADA grd. 1990

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Understanding and Appreciating Spain with Karla Darocas

Interview in "This is Spain"webzine, 2017
One of the best ways to understand and appreciate Spain and its people is to study the great Spanish artists who have enlightened hearts and minds with their art works.
The Costa Blanca is fortunate as it has one of the most recognised Spanish art historians living and teaching in Benitachell, Alicante.
Since 1990, Karla Darocas has been an adult educator who has lived in four countries before making Spain her home when she married her longtime Spanish boyfriend in the year 2001.
In the past, her adult teaching curriculum focused on practical applications such as Business Development to Marketing to Digital Communications, but since 2012 she has narrowed down her spectrum to focus on her passion, which is teaching the great Spanish Art Masters.
When Karla graduated with an honours Fine Arts degree with a specialisation in the Spanish Masters from the university of Waterloo, Canada, she was never able to teach her passion. Living in Spain, she has now found an appreciative audience.
I have known Karla since 2002 and her website SpainLifestyle.com is fascinating.


STEVE: I see by the reviews on your KarlaDarocas.com website that you have really inspired a lot of people to enjoy Spain more by appreciating its great art and artists. How did it all come about?
KARLA: I have always been an artist but when I discovered the Spanish Masters at university, I was hooked. This passion lead me to Spain to study at the Prado in Madrid and then to Javea for fun where I met my now husband. That was back in 1988. To this day, I am continually inspired and moved by the sublime determination of the arts to make sense out of beauty and the intellect within the realm of the human condition. My students tell me that my passion rubs off on them!!
STEVE: What kind of things do you explore in your teachings and presentations?
KARLA: Art History is an exploration and adventure that looks at artist and answers important questions that might be philosophical or technical…like… How did the artist come to create the work?, Who were that artist’s teachers and influences?, Who were the patrons?, Who were that artist’s disciples?, What historical forces shaped the artist’s work, and How did that artist’s work affect history and in turn – political, and social events?
STEVE: And what kind of students do you attract?
KARLA: My students are adults who are well travelled and enlightened, but not always educated into the humanities. Once they attend my lectures, films, day trips or whatever, they develop their passion and can truly enjoy Spain for all the artistic and historical value it possesses.
STEVE: Do you only teach about Spain and its artists?
KARLA: No. Sometimes I will lecture on an artist outside of Spain but 99% of the time, those artists have been inspired by Spanish artists or have competed with Spanish artists?
STEVE: Great – Thank you Karla. Always wonderful to catch up with you. Stay in touch.