Steve and I with two friends decided to go to Gata de Gorgos on Saturday 19th August 2017 to see the hanging textiles that make up the Art al Vent, (art to the wind). This open air textile art exhibition continues until the 3rd of September.

Review and Photos by Lizzie Clayton
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The Art al Vent art show represents 70 exhibits from 16 different countries from 5 continents that have been selected by a professional jury. Gata launched their fourteenth edition of Art al Vent on August the 14th, the most important textile art exhibition in Spain.

The idea for Art al Vent, as a contemporary art exhibit grew out of the popular tradition of placing blankets over balconies (usually damask or crocheted fabrics) to celebrate the passing of a procession, which is deeply rooted in Catholic Spanish rituals. Hence, old and the new concepts have been combined to create this marvelous expression. The works are, therefore, the same size as traditional procession blankets and nothing can disturb their free fluttering fabrics as they move with the wind.
Art al Vent has proven to be a boost to the municipality of Gata de Gorgos by positioning it into the world contemporary art plus the exhibition has added a much valued commercial and tourist profile. They have been able to turn their town into a brand with the slogan, "Gata is the village of hanging canvases."

We enjoyed a gentle walk through the streets of Gata enjoying the shade offered by the houses in the town. A band was playing, so easy to find the street the textiles were hanging in.
The decorated balconies were a feast of colour and texture and movement in the breeze.  Each piece had a plaque beside it describing the idea behind the art.

As usual I took many photographs, which I hope you will enjoy.
Of course this cultural visit was followed by a coffee/beer and shopping!

I hope you too enjoy a trip to Gata de Gorgos to enjoy these fabulous pieces of art.

Link to the website for Art al Vent