I was invited to an art exhibition opening in Jalon on Saturday by a group of independent artists trying to DIY their way into the gallery world.

The inspiration for a group show came from a resident artist Anna Jansen who wanted to showcase an International cross section of artists from Jalon.
Karla Darocas with Katherine Waters
Myself and some of my gang arrived at the show and was surprised to find it being held in a non-commercial venue. Anna had convinced the agent at Karma Properties to give her the venue for the exhibition. Of course, she and friends had to clean it, which was not an easy task, but the walls were white and ready for art.

The show was a mix of both 2 and 3 dimensional art, paintings, collage and sculptures. The artists involved were...Anna Jansen Jans, Josbel Mengual, Jaume Nogera Mengual, Don Henderson,  Virginia Blanckaert, Ines Garces,  Lois Jansen,  Mari Ivars,  Yolanda Melieray Fullana, and  Katherine M Waters.

I was impressed by the variety of expressions being presented.

It was Katherine Waters who invited me and it was her artwork that impressed me the most. Yes, it is true, art is subjective, but I am picky! I have been around art my whole life and teaching for many, many, years and I am a hard client to please with a work of art!

She had a series of work, both sculptural and painted based on the biblical icon of Eve and her trials and tribulations with the bad apple that got her and Adam expelled from the Garden of Eden.

In the painting that held my attention, the narrative is clear... Eve is burdened with a giant apple in a cart. Her apron has a tree of life on it that look are symbolic of women's reproductive parts. The style reminds of the work of Spanish artist Remedios Varo, who was a para-surrealist, symbolist and one of the first feminist artists.

The exhibition is open 10:00 - 14:00 every day throughout October.
A percentage of the sales will go to help this year's Fiesteras in Jalon.
Carrer Sant Joaquim, 42, 03727 Xaló, Alicante, Spain
Google map -  https://goo.gl/maps/DhK1YGzEwiG2