GREAT CITY 2 Part Presentation Guide to Toledo that will set you up for all the city monuments, art, architecture and history of this great imperial city.

10:30 H * DAROCAS STUDIO * Benitachell

PART ONE -Antiquity & Medieval

Learn the entire evolution of Spain via the tribes and cultures who inhabited the Iberian landscape and made Toledo their capital. From the early Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Moors to the Catholic Monarchs, Toledo has seen it all.

The architecture, sculptures and painting of this Pre-Renaissance period tell a rich and fascinating story of discovery and adventure.

PART TWO - The Golden Age

Toledo came into the Renaissance like no other place in Spain with vibrant and unique displays of grandeur.

From the imperial style dedicated to Queen Isabella, to the flamboyant and ornate, Toledo made its mark up to and even after its fall as the Royal seat.

Toledo's continued religious stronghold as a capital to its now current historical monumental tourist attraction makes Toledo one of the most fascinating cities to study for art, architecture, history and cultural students!