Susan Hankey lived and worked in London in the hairdressing profession and then in recruitment. She always loved looking at art in galleries. Painting and drawing cropped up when she was about 40 years of age. She joined a water colour group and life drawing class with a wild woman who "went to art college with John Lennon".

She admits that she went on various art holidays, "but no formal training." She just knew that she liked to dabble in oils and acrylics a lot.

We moved to Spain in 2005 and after settling in, Susan joined an oil painting group run by a Dutch lady called Hanka. She learnt a lot from her and painted in various styles, usually copying other artists or from photographs.

"I also did some live portrait sessions," admits the artist. "I did a painting of my husband in his Harley gear!"

Susan founds a new art teacher named Julia Evans and she has been attending regular classes with her ever since. "We sometimes have life drawing sessions and live portrait sitters."

Susan admits that she generally paints from photographs for portraits and has a love of painting rock, blues and other musical celebrities.

"Painting is an absorbing hobby and it is great to paint with others," she expains. "I am so lucky to have a space to paint at home and I like to work there too, I really enjoy painting portraits and also fiesta scenes in Spain with people in them. I want to paint more townscapes, all sorts, even industrial. I love painting but I am not fast, Julia warns me not to 'fiddle'."

Susan has sold a number of paintings and would love to sell more but that is not her motivation, "I just get lost in painting. I am hugely flattered when someone buys my work or asks me to paint something for them."

"I also love attending the art history lectures given by Karla Darocas,"she continues.

"I am interested in all the Spanish Masters, I love the work of Caravaggio, The Pre Raphaelites, Van Gogh, Hopper, The Bloomsbury Set, David name a diverse few. I love looking at paintings and sculptures."