Sensational Collection of Selected Essays About the Past People and Places of XÀBIA / JÁVEA

  • Discover Points of Interest in the Area
  • Enjoy Revealing Insights about Past Famous People 
  • Learn About Local Legendary Stories and Traditions
  • 28 Page Collection in English

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Karla's newest book, Omnibus, for me was ALL very interesting. It is difficult to pick out a favourite essay from the collection. All the stories tell a historical journey and every single chapter is a treasure of extraordinary knowledge, explaining the very impressive history we have here in Xàbia!
Karla's writing style is absolutely gripping, hence the reason I was able to read this book all in one go. She writes with such enthusiasm, just like she does in her lectures.
* Diana Santiago, Xàbia

A4, Glossy 28 page, large print,  spiral bound, laminated cover 

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COST with shipping and handling €18.00


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