On October 24th, I held a Fine Arts lecture on the master painter - Joaquín Sorolla at the Church Center in Javea. It was well attended and raised much needed funds for one of my Fine Arts students - Laura Aldridge.

Laura is a single mother struggling to raise a young boy. She is also a creative artist who produces artworks as an entrepreneur and this drives some income.

A few months ago, Laura was sent to me to train in some other skill sets that I teach like photography and marketing by a charity called Guardian Angels. While the charity paid for her training, they did not wish to fund a new laptop for Laura. Fair enough. However, I know by experience that in any business platform it is impossible to generate revenue without a computer these days.

Hence the Sorolla fundraiser and the result!!!
We went shopping at Media Mart in Gandia and bought a good quality Hewlett Packard laptop with Windows 10 and all the bells and whistles.

Thank you to all who helped in this campaign and attended the lecture on Sorolla and Thank you to Lizzie Clayton for driving us up and to Gandia :)

We all can expect great things for Laura in the future!!

Big Love,
Karla Darocas

PS. A representative from the Fine Arts Society of London was at the Sorolla lecture and after the event I received an invitation to London to give a presentation to a judging committee up there in order to become an "accredited" Fine Arts lecturer for that society. However, I don't think I will be going to London any time soon - but they have left the offer open if I do decide to make the journey.