Sorolla fans and art lovers alike attended my lecture / fundraiser event in Javea on Monday the 24th of October to learn about the Valencian master painter and his favourite genre of painting - Impressionism.

Thank you to all who attended. We raised enough money for my student Laura to go shopping for supplies and tools that will keep her moving forward as an artist / entrepreneur and as the sole provider in her single family home.

Special thank you's go out to Chris and Veronica over at the Church Center in Javea who allowed me to use their space to hold this event and did not charge me an arm and a leg for rental. They are lovely folks and I hope that we can gather there again soon.

I will take over a thank you gift to them on Thursday - as that is the day that people tend to drop by the center. It is a great meeting place with plenty of friendly folks to chat with on that day.

Also, a very special Thank you to Lizzie Clayton who has signed on to be my Public Relations person and keep me "sorted" - as I am so busy all the time!! And her hubby Steve for his support and encouragement too!!

It's all positive and full of light!!

Karla Darocas, Hons. B. A.
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