is a presentation (lecture and slideshow) about the Antiquity & Medieval history of Toledo explored through its cultural evolutions, arts and architecture. 
Presented by Spanish Fine Arts & Architecture Historian, 
Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. 

In this presentation, you will learn  about the Antiquity and Medieval evolution of Spain from its earliest tribes and cultures who inhabited the Iberian landscape and made Toledo their capital.

Students will go on a historical journey through the times of the Celts, to the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Sephardic Jews and finally to the Catholic Monarchs. Toledo has seen it all!

The artifacts created by each culture have left their mark making Toledo one of the finest examples of a multi-cultural city.

Grand architecture, sculptures and painting will all be reviewed in this Pre-Renaissance period presentation, each telling of a rich and fascinating story of discovery and adventure.


"From the Visigothic and Roman roots of Toledo with its unique cultural legacy of Christian, Arab and Jewish communities living alongside each other to the horseshoe arched mosques and haunting canvases of El Greco, Karla crammed all of this and much more into her enthralling and spellbinding lecture. Toledo now holds a far greater appeal than ever before, I simply must return to truly explore and appreciate this magnificent medieval city. Wow!
Karla's teaching style is full of  Passion and Knowledge and I "always" recommend her to other.
* Sue Martin, Pedreguer

"Where to start? As always Karla shares so much knowledge.
I learnt the range of people's coming into Spain and eventually Toledo including the Romans, Visigoths, Jews and Muslims. This seat of learning also showed how many different cultures could live together in harmony and learn from each other. I learnt how to understand the different styles of architecture, the more simple style of Rome to Mudéjar from the Muslims. This was using materials readily available, clay to make bricks, stones from the fields. The skills to carve and embellish plaster. I could go on for so much longer. In conclusion, if you want to learn about Spain and it's history Karla's teaching through art and architecture is wonderful. The feature I love about her teaching is her knowledge and passion. I highly recommended her lectures."
* Lizzie Clayton. Benitachell