is a presentation (lecture and slideshow) about the Renaissance - Golden Age history of Toledo explored through its cultural evolutions, arts and architecture. 
Presented by Spanish Fine Arts & Architecture Historian, 
Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. (


Toledo came into the Renaissance like no other place in Spain with vibrant and unique displays of splendour and impressiveness.

Queen Isabella was a big part of the adventure with her personal flamboyant and ornate architectural mark upon the city, followed by a host of imperial and imposing exhibits of grandeur that persisted even after its fall as the Royal seat.

Toledo's continued its religious stronghold as a capital city and now ranks as one of the top historical monumental tourist attraction in the World.

The human imagination and classical knowledge combined to make Toledo one of the most fascinating cities to study for art, architecture, history and cultural studies for students of all ages!


"Following on from Toledo part one, this lecture was a continuation of the history of Toledo and it's beautiful buildings.
We learned how to identify the different styles of architecture by looking at the ornate carvings, festoons and magical fantastic creatures.
We looked at el Greco paintings and also at a number of drawings done at the Romantic era.
It was sad to see the destruction of the Alcazar from bombings in the civil war but amazing to see how it has been restored.
Karla mixes art and the history and context of how it is all created.
I highly recommend Karla's teaching and events."
* Lizzie Clayton, Benitachell