MEET THE ARTIST EVENT * Robert E Sapsford *

THANK YOU TO ALL who came along to the MEET THE ARTIST EVENT * with guest artist ROBERT E SAPSFORD on Friday 10TH at Darocas Studio.

Robert shared his humble journey as a youth with desires to be an artist but he faced many challenges. His presentation slideshow was very impressive with a vast array of complex paintings in oils and acrylics.
We all mingled, drank coffee and ate sponge cake too.

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Report About Robert E Sapsford by Karla Darocas for

Robert's quest to visually interpret his world started at a very young age with drawing and claims that he can remember drawing before going to school. He admits that he was never structurally tutored by art teachers during his academic years but he does remember being given support.

Robert explains, "Teachers allowed me to paint and draw as I saw fit and gave me encouragement."

When Robert entered the work world he started in an advertising studio. He was influenced by the "extremely talented guys" he worked with.

Today he lives in Javea and now has time to paint anything that he wishes. He swings back and forth from a classical style of realism to an expressive form of impressionism.

"I try to find visually interesting compositions with colour and shape and then keep it real", explains Robert. His overall object these days is to keep challenging himself and not to waste his "gift".

Robert does want to let other aspiring artistic students and visual hobby enthusiasts know that in life and art you just must "do it!".

He concludes, "If Jackson Pollock can be famous so can anyone, Lowery turned his back on his trained artwork and got famous for his matchstick men. The Beatles "White Album" was just white square and it is one of the most iconic pieces of artwork in modern times. Do it, Do it, Do it. And if you look at the work of famous artist you will find so many examples where you could do better."

You can find him on Facebook at Bob Sapsford Artist.