Finally, an annual State Museum Card provides unlimited access to fabulous art museums across the country.

Spain stands out for its impressive cultural heritage. Spanish art lovers can take a closer look at their favourite works and enjoy visiting the best museums again and again.

* Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas (KarlaDarocas.com)

Spanish art lovers only need to apply for membership to the programme and pay €36 to acquire it. This way, you will receive a number of exclusive benefits. These include the opportunity to visit the permanent collections of the participating museums as many times as you like within a year without paying admission.

To receive the card, visitors must apply for it at the ticket office of one of the museums participating in the programme, and it will be handed to them immediately. Moreover, with the card it is not necessary to buy the ticket in advance: it is sufficient to present the accreditation together with the ID on the day of the visit.

Eighteen museums participate in the annual National Museum Card, spread throughout the Spanish geography. Cartagena, Toledo, Valladolid, Valencia, Mérida and Santillana del Mar are represented by some of their museums in a network that allows visitors to get to know the most characteristic pieces of the cities.

With this card you can visit the state museums listed below as often as you like. It is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Museums included in the State Museums Annual Pass:

In Cartagena (Murcia)

  • National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQUA

In Madrid

  • Reina Sofía National Museum, Art Centre,
  • Prado National Museum,
  • National Archaeological
  • Museum, Cerralbo
  • Museum, Museum of America,
  • Costume Museum. CIPE
  • National Museum of Anthropology
  • National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Museum of Romanticism
  • Sorolla Museum

In Mérida (Badajoz)

  • National Museum of Roman Art

In Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

  • Altamira National Museum and Research Centre

In Toledo

  • El Greco Museum
  • Sephardic Jewish Museum

In Valencia

  • González Martí - National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts 

In Valladolid

  • National Museum of Sculpture
  • Casa de Cervantes Museum

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