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 Una mirada fotográfica al taller del artista -
Querol in his workshop - 1892

To achieve great things before the age of 50, you need a very positive attitude and the belief that you can achieve everything you set out to do.

Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas  (

This was the case with the neoclassical sculptor Agustín Querol y Subirats (Tortosa, 1860-Madrid, 1909), who achieved amazing success before he died at the age of 49.

MADRID'S Neoclassical Architecture & Monuments * tba

Madrid's most iconic buildings and landmarks date from the neoclassical era.

In this class we will study and analyse the royal neoclassical architectural style and the buildings and monuments that can still be seen in Spain's capital today.

INTRODUCTION by Karla Darocas, Hons. B. A.  (



Under the last Spanish October skies of 2022, I and three of my students went to Madrid. Our goal was to spend Halloween in the national capital and explore all the works of Francisco Goya, who had been the topic of the month in my class. The legendary Prado Museum has the largest collection of Goya's works and I wanted my students to discover them all. But we had many other exciting experiences ahead of us!

I picked up my last student in Ondara, and we hit the motorway. Four and a half hours later, including a coffee break, we were at our hotel. We went to our rooms and put away our equipment. We refreshed ourselves with a snack in our rooms. One student had brought a kettle, so she could drink tea, which she did 

We went down to the lobby and reception called our taxi. By 3.30pm we were at the Prado. I had the most delicious coffee in the museum cafeteria, and we went in search of Goya.

We did find him waiting for us at the ticket office.

* Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas. Hons. B. A.  (


Children Looking for Shellfish, 1919

After completing the final panel for Vision of Spain, also known as The Provinces of Spain, a 1913-19 series of fourteen monumental paintings depicting the customs, costumes and traditions of the regions of Spain commissioned by Archie Huntington for the Hispanic Society of America, Sorolla returned to Madrid. He then travelled to Valencia at the end of July. From there he went on holiday to Mallorca, which he found "interesting but too dead", so he decided to move to Ibiza.

* Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas. Hons. B. A.  (


The Bath at La Granja, 1907

In the summer of 1907, Joaquín Sorolla painted in the gardens of La Granja de San Ildefonso, an idyllic setting he had briefly encountered the previous autumn when he went to paint the portrait of King Alfonso XIII. He found the gardens very beautiful to work in. On this summer trip, he enjoyed the company of his family and painted for long days for pleasure and in the fresh air, in a natural setting that invited experimentation.

* Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas. Hons. B. A.  (


Elenita at her Desk' (1898)

Now that the new school year is starting, it might be a good idea to take a look at Joaquín Sorolla and Clotilde as parents. They were both very concerned about their children's education, first at home, where Clotilde gave lessons, and later at the Institución Libre de Enseñanza. 

* Report by Karla Ingleton Darocas. Hons. B. A.  (