CLOTILDE: Sorolla's Cornerstone - PRINT FORMAT

Too often, famous men are thrust into the spotlight as if their projection was by magic! More often than not, there was a powerful, proud and determined woman behind that man, who was making the engine run and keeping the tank full in order to get her man to the finish line. Such was the case with the Valencian painter, Joaquín Sorolla. 

Yes, indeed he was the talented costumbrista and luminist who invented his own unique style and painted like a madman, but it was his wife, mother of his children and business partner Clotilde García del Castillo who was the mastermind, compass and key holder.

Through letters, photographs and paintings, Clotilde’s personality shines. Her commitment to her family, social and business roles are laid bare to all who wish to consume them as I have. 

Karla xx

Introduction 2
In The Beginning 4
Love United 5
Family Time 5
Responsibilities 7
Travel 9
America 13
New Home and Studio 18
The End of An Era 26
Life After Sorolla 29
In Conclusion: 30

A4 Size, 30 Glossy pages, Large Size Text, White Spiral Binding and Illustrated with Digital Images . 
- Amazing Woman & Portraits!
- 13 euros 
- 19 with shipping and handling

NOTE: If you are local to my office in Benitachell, you can either pick it up or we can meet for coffee somewhere. If not, I will take your address and find out from post office how much to ship to you :)

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