Urban art: From the Street to the Museum is a really exciting show that is on offer at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia (MUBAM) · From 05/04/2017 to 07/09/2017.

Urban art from wall murals to graffiti street art are popping up everywhere in Spain. It has not only gained appreciating from the public, but it has saved villages (read: ART SAVES SPANISH TOWN AND SURPRISES THE WORLD!) and impressed the Fine Arts circles. Artists from around the world are being commissioned to take what was once only thought of as a mischievous pastime for trouble-makers into the mainstream.

It was an easy 2 hour drive from my place in Cumbre del Sol to Murcia city and parking was surprisingly easy outside the Fine Arts Museum.
Arriving we were greeted by one of the exhibiting artists who was painting just outside in the courtyard. After a brief chat with him, we found out that his name was Kraser born in Cartagena.

When I got home, I found him on Facebook where his biography says that "He attended the School of Art in Murcia in 2000 and moved to Milan in 2009, where he continues to live. Even as a young child he was attracted by painting. He began in the Street Art scene in his early teens. Since then he has participated in many national and international exhibitions. His works have appeared in numerous books and magazines, and he has curated exhibitions of his works at art festivals and expositions. He has also participated in Live Painting events at many european festivals.

The exhibition inside houses a total of 85 works over two floors. They are mostly large format, made in various techniques from spray cans, markers, and air brush.
Among the represented artists were names such as Cope2, CornBread, Obey, Blek Le Rat, Blade, Futura 2000, Dran, Mr. Brainwash, Jonone, Alexis Diaz, and more from different parts of the world including 25 countries like Brazil, France, Spain, United Kingdom, and Argentina.

APRIL 24TH, 2017 - Murcia city will make a big splash in the global art world by inviting one of the most famous and recognized urban artists in the world to make an enormous mural in the cultural center Puertas de Castilla.
Brazilian Eduardo Kobra is known as the first artist entered into the Guinness Book of Records by painting the largest mural in the world, 2,500 square meters, located in Rio de Janeiro at the entrance of the sports complex where the last Olympic Games were held.