Juan de Ribera (b1532-d1611) was the archbishop and viceroy of Valencia.

He used all of his civil and religious power to pressure Philip III towards the expulsion of the Moriscos, which was carried out in 1609.

Ribera despised the moriscos as heretics and traitors, a dislike he shared with much of Valencia's Christian populace.

With the Duke of Lerma / Marqués de Denia, Ribera helped convince King Philip III to expel the moriscos.

Ribera helped sell the plan by noting that all the property of the moriscos could be impounded to provide money for the treasury.

In 1609, the expulsion of the moriscos from Spain was decreed.

Ribera's original proposal was in fact more extreme: he favored enslaving the entire morisco population for work in galleys, mines and abroad. Ribera said that Philip III could do so "without any scruples of conscience," but this proposal was rejected.

If the moriscos were to be expelled, Ribera favored enslaving and Christianizing at least the children of the moriscos "for the good of their souls" and exiling the parents. This was also rejected, though children under 16 years of age who wished to remain in Spain were allowed, an offer very few took.

Photo by Karla Darocas... is a statue of Ribera inside the courtyard of the parish church of Sant Domingo next door to the Convent of Sant Domingo